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12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days.

There’s a reason why the corporate calendar is called the “silent salesman”. And he never takes a day off.

That calendar you’re planning, you should probably give it some thought. After all, it’s destined for the wall of your targeted prospects, valued employees or important clients. So, what are your options? Amongst them is size… A3, A4, slim kitchen wall, booklet, desk or academic – and what about where we should print? Double sided, 7 leaf or more? Safe to say that you have plenty of options before you – and we haven’t even moved onto card thickness or paper finishes yet.
We’ll help you make sense of your options – with a solution that can include both design and print, or print alone if you’ve already got your design files to hand.

Competitive prices shouldn’t be a cover up for cutting corners.

Inexpensive, easy to post and seriously versatile, printed calendars are a reminder to your clients and employees just what you’re all about, all year through. But inexpensive shouldn’t be code for compromised quality (and quality is actually what our business has been built on).
For 25 years, our family-run company has grown and established a reputation for high quality design and print services, at affordable prices. We thank our industry-know-how and exclusively in-house experts for that. So, want to talk about your calendar?

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Wall Calendar

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Wall Planner

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