It’s a MYRIAD Pro Thing.

I’m having a love affair with Myriad Pro ……

There you go I’ve said it now, its out there in the world for everyone to see.

This website – prime example, all the font is myriad pro.

Today’s post motivation is FONTS – well one font in particular actually – my absolute favourite out there – which is Myriad – for me I like Myriad Pro the most, but there are a few variations of Myriad out there at the moment, which for someone who works in print and design is pretty awesome.

I like simplicity and that’s exactly what you get with Myriad across the board – it has a sleek look to it, and probably the sleekest of company’s out there “Apple” replaced their own in-house font Apple Garamond in 2002 with Myriad, making it their corporate font across the board.

Designed specifically for Adobe systems, this is a sans-serif font and is easily distinguished from other sans- serif fonts by the letter Y – it has a descending tail and slanting “E” cut.

Orginally designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly, it has a warmth to its readability which is a direct result of the humanistic treatment of it’s letter proportions and design detail. It offers a wide variation on the font in style, weight and width, for me personally I think it’s a really versatile cool font to use in design and print.

Variations as follows:

  •  Myriad
  • Myriad Condensed
  • Myriad HeadlinedIt's a MYRIAD Pro Thing | Affordable Printing Co LTD
  • Myriad Web
  • Myriad Pro (my fave!)
  • Myriad Wild
  • Myriad Wild Std
  • MyriadCAD
  • Myriad Arabic
  • Myriad Hebrew Std
  • Myriad Hebrew Cursive
  • Kozuka Gothic
  • Adobe Heiti

Other people out there tend to agree – if you look around there are people using the font in their logo and branding, for example:

Rolls Royce 

GMAIL – they use it in the “ail” of their logo

LinkedIn & Mashable use it in their text based logo


Locally to us here in Romford, Essex our local borough council – London Borough of Havering also adopted it in 2005 as the primary font for it’s publications.

Are there any fonts out there you love? Or do you agree with us (and many others) on the power of Myriad? I’d love to know your thoughts on this … What fonts really stand out for you 🙂




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