Project: Luna Lounge

Recently we’ve been involved in the branding of a new Essex based bar in Hornchurch – Luna Lounge, formerly “Oliver’s” for those old enough to remember it!

It was one of those projects that we enjoyed getting involved with, because we also knew we could bring a wealth of experience to the bar owners and Luna Loungeoffer them help with Signage, Social Media & Website.  We used some of our preferred partners within this field. (A really great benefit of being involved in a BNI group – you can bring the entire marketing team to the table with you when you get a project like this)

Initially it involved a visit down to the venue, to get a feel for what the owners wanted to create. We needed to understand the colour concepts, name and how they wanted to be seen – We took Signage experts Esign UK with us, as they would be involved in branding the outside (and some of the inside) so we needed to ensure what the owners wanted to achieve, would be achievable. There is no point in us creating a logo, colour scheme and identity if it wasn’t viable for the outer Signage of the venue.

The client gave  some specifics: They wanted to utilise a metallic gold (to match some of the VIP interior) along with cream & green (or so the client thought it was green. which actually turned out to be a variation of Gold) They also had a very strong reasoning behind the name LUNA – many of which were personal, but at the very core of it, to signify a “New Beginning”

 Our Graphic Designer then had to work on some ideas, incorporating some “quirky” concepts with some different and varied fonts, along with the idea of the Luna Eclipse. When creating logos like this, our designer will come up with a few concepts to give the client some visuals. Quite often, when the client doesn’t really know what they are looking for, ideas like this help with their creative process and in the case of Luna’s identity this worked perfectly.

It was agreed after seeing a few different proofs, that no real “logo” was required, more just a statement, simple font (Copperplate) would do the job. This worked well from a print perspective and the signage perspective all that was needed then was the website concept, which again worked perfectly ….. So we had an identity.

We then had to supply the Pantone metallic reference, along with a CMYK breakdown, and once again into an RGB & Hexadecimal breakdown for the Sign Maker and the Web Designer (Navigation Web)

Luna LoungeThe great thing about working on a project like this, when you are the one who has connected up all these businesses, is knowing that you have included people into the project who work with the same level of care and attention on work as you do. Which in this case for us was demonstrated when ESign got in touch and confirmed that the Metallic look wouldn’t be achieved with a straight Large Format Digital Print, and that Luna would get a much better effect if the outer signage was done with Vinyl Metallic – which was more work on their part, but would give the overall result that our client would be happy with.

On a print perspective we had to work on some stationery materials for the Bar – including Business Cards. To give the “look” that they wanted we opted for printing the business cards out of 4 colour process on our luxury business card run (which makes a real high quality business card much more affordable) on 400GSM silk board. We then overprinted with a 5th special Pantone Metallic Gold on the front and reverse, finished off with a Matt Lamination to both sides. On a more retainer basis now, we are working with a local Graphic Designer who is doing the weekly flyer artwork for the Bar, who is sending us the print ready files and we just print these on a week by week basis for Luna.

They also wanted to add in a Membership option for their clientele, so we needed to come up with a way of getting the Gold as near to metallic looking on a plastic card.  We managed to source and liaise with our specialist supplier for this type of printing – We had to mirror the colour, look and layout for their business cards, but offer a numbering option on the Membership Cards.

The Website was the next big thing involved in this process, and we linked up the very capable Navigation Web with the bar owners, and have worked consistently on the project alongside them all. Simple tweaks, like the font being changed on the site to Copperplate so that it matched their “statement” LUNA logo which is seen throughout all their design work. We needed to advise our client that the font they initially wanted was a little too “disney” and that they needed to maximise on the “identity” they were creating by making it consistent throughout their marketing materials. We had to factor in some design work for their Social Channels on Facebook & Twitter, and make some changes to allow their customer base to “check-in” and give reviews over on Facebook of their experience. The website then needed to integrate with a third party who would be taking weekly photos in the bar and those needed to be uploaded – again, the capable Navigation Web worked with them to ensure this was done in a smooth process.

Luna Lounge

We also, with the help of the Web Design company, got the client the best deal on their Web Hosting, Domain Name & email set up. We even managed to set them up a shared iCloud calendar so all the crucial members of staff could view the events internally and sort their VIP bookings, etc.

So, whilst it would seem our “printed” part in this project was minimal in significance, we like to provide an exceptional experience for our customers. We are SO much more than just printed ink on paper, and working on projects like these are all a part of the service.