Chelmsford Film Festival

We really love getting involved in print projects, and none more so than one we were proud to be a part of back in June 2017 *yes it’s taken me nearly a month to sit down and write about this!!* 

As a family, we have lived in Chelmsford, Essex for almost 30 years, so we have seen how great this City has become over time. Whilst our print production facility is down in Basildon now, and previously to that, Romford – we are very much a Chelmsford Based family who own a business. We are supportive of our local community be it home or work. So when I was approached by the creators of Chelmsford Film Festival (one of whom happened to be a long term friend of mine) we knew that this was something as a business we needed to be a part of.

I admire people with vision and passion and that’s exactly what Andy, Carl & Marc have. With them following a passion and bringing something new and exciting to our “City” I was so pleased that Chelmsford was about to have its first “Film Festival” Chelmsford is a VERY creative place, home of Anglia Polytechnic University, Home of V Festival & some other really amazing events and spaces that celebrate creative people and their talents.

So, what did we need to do? 

A sponsorship & partnership with CFF (as I like to call it) This involved me meeting with the team, to understand exactly WHAT they were going to need in terms of printing and exposure for all other businesses involved, and more importantly what they wanted the event to feel like.

This is where I like to think, our expertise came in.

They knew they needed “backdrops” for the red carpet, they knew they needed festival passes, posters & brochures. What the team didn’t know was the most cost effective way of producing what they needed without compromising on the quality associated with such a landmark event in Chelmsford City.

CFF Backdrops

This is why, working with a business such as ours, who actually produces the print in-house, makes such a difference.

We knew that 4M wide Foamex or Correx boards would be too heavy to self stand, yet the team needed a “portable” backdrop to use across multiple venues for the red carpet. So I suggested 2 of our ultra wide Roller Banners known as “Orient”

CFF Printed LanyardsThen we discussed the festival passes – would they need to be in plastic wallets (an additional expense) would we need branded lanyards (again additional expense) For a project in it’s first year, we were mindful of budget. We explained that by Matt Laminating the passes and drilling a hole in them, would do exactly the job needed on the passes, and in all honesty look more professional and tidier. Not to mention no additional cost for the pass holders 🙂

Lanyards, yes, branded lanyards are awesome! But do you know something, in our business we pride ourselves on doing right by the client and always managing expectation. Like I’ve said before, mindful of budget and circumstances. So, we suggested just a plain black lanyard – Job Done (for this time around anyway!)

The Posters & Brochures – these are a little like Ronseal!! (they do what they say on the tin!!)

We advised on the design spec for these, so their experienced team could design and we would print! I explained that an A5 stapled brochure would be the ideal size – again no need to make it bigger, incur more costs, when the programme information would fit perfectly to an A5 size. Posters, we ascertained if they needed to be suitable for “outdoor” use (yes there is a difference between putting a poster up outside, as opposed to inside) – in this case, they were staying indoors, some into a Lightbox in Everyman Cinema, so we advised on the best stock to print these on.

CFF Posters

Hey Presto! Job done. CFF Brochures

We are experts in our field, we believe that one of the biggest constraints people have in marketing an event offline, is knowing what you are buying. We take the time to understand all the factors underpinning a clients needs and we work WITH them to get the job done.

We don’t use fancy words or terminology – we keep things simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the print jargon that is out there, and we don’t up-sell for the sake of making a few extra £.

If we think your ideas won’t work, then we will tell you so. If we think your ideas will exceed your budget, we will tell you so. But what we will do, that you don’t get with a simple “buy online” with often “faceless” companies, is work WITH you to come up with alternatives that will still deliver the same result, on time AND in budget.

So if you are looking for a printing company that wants you to become their client, as opposed to a 1 time customer – then I would be more than happy to speak to you! We work with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes and all at varying points of their business journey.

So after a huge success of the 1st annual Chelmsford Film Festival, we are very much looking forward to the future of this event and all what it will bring to Chelmsford City!