Product Packaging | The Imagination Vs The Production

image courtesy of our client Liquiproof

People involved in the marketing, print, production world often think that those “creative” types with the imagination and vision, and those who physically bring things to life are at opposite ends of the spectrum. This is true, however, one can’t exist without the other.

Imaginative Ideas stacked against Practicality does make for an unlikely pairing, yet without each other, they wouldn’t be able to deliver on the “total package” solutions needed for products of all shapes and sizes.

When looking at what makes a product seem useful or standout, it’s how its its packaged and marketed that does that – so it must standout, but if it falters due to poor production or functionality, then you can almost guarantee this will be a product “flop”


How many times have you tried to open something you’ve purchased – how frustrating is it when you “see” something which compels you to buy it, and yet its like trying to get into fort knox to open it? (Take those plastic packaging that mobile car chargers come in!! – Don’t get me started!!!)

Great design takes into consideration the deliv

Liquiproof Product Packaging
image courtesy of our client Liquiproof

ery – it needs to be functional, and have a good structure. Even better design will go that bit further and the DNA of the design will take those components needed in the design to make them even more relevant and useful for your brand.

Colour is one of the key ingredients in packaging goods, alongside the pattern, texture and material included. This is what draws peoples attention, and engages people’s interest into what you are selling. So many brands out there skim over this detail, and yet miss a massive opportunity. You need to convert people and make them a fan.

Dealing with “experts” who understand the process from start to finish is who brands need to align themselves with – because trade printers, graphic designers and finishers who all form part (if not all) of the production process understand this from the inside out, and would be the right alliances to make to accomplish this goal.

Know Your Audience …..

Way before any work starts on visual design of any product packaging, you need to establish and understand who your target market it. Yes, the design takes residence in the creative side of  the brain, the “business” marketing side of things lays in the logical side of things – and to understand the logic of HOW you are going to market your product will determine the final design for the packaging. Once you identify this, you can then start getting creative.

Design elements such as use of space, colour, functionality and unity are what consumers take into consideration – subconsciously the design in packaging influences buyers potential. Once all the parts add up, giving both variety and and balance, something just clicks – the design is appealing without being intrusive. What you actually get is a static design, that in itself is a call to action (because it influences you to “buy”)

image courtesy of our client Liquiproof



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