Top 5 Tips For Roller Banner Impact!

Top 5 Tips for Roller Banner Impact

Take a look around you today, you will almost certainly see a Roller Banner somewhere. If you run a local business, or even advertise your services in a retail space, the chances are you have one, or should consider using one to give your business a wider advertising space.

Often referred to as a “Pop Up” Banner, they now come in a variety of sizes, print finish and even down to the cassette they sit in. Such a cost effective method of large format print, we wanted to write a post today to help you maximise the impact yours could have, no matter what type you go for. In our online shop, we have 9 variants, and whilst variety is the spice of life, we find that our entry level “Raptor” is still one of our bestsellers. 

Top 5 Tips for Roller Banner Impact

Roller Banner Impact 

  1. You need to use High Resolution Images – Your graphic designer or printing company can advise you whether the images you use are suitable, but its important to note: If you are using images from a google search that are free for reuse, if they look “ok” on the screen, it doesn’t mean they will scale up to size without pixelating. It’s really important that you understand Roller Banners are 2 Metres tall and often 85CM
    Top 5 Tips for Roller Banner Impact
    Original Image at size

    Wide. Where possible, always use the original images. If you are using your smart phone to take the pictures, then always the original “biggest” file size, or if you are using stock images from the likes of Shutterstock, then again always go for the biggest file download possible. This will give your design team THE best chance of creating a crisp looking, visual Banner.

  2. Layout is KEY – You need to ALWAYS consider WHY you are using this first & foremost. IF it is to generate business (which is the most obvious I would think) then don’t put all the “important” bits of information like the website, contact numbers, social channels at the bottom. Its most likely people WONT see that! I know many business owners who use these at trade shows and exhibitions and they are often behind a table. Consider asking for a few different layout options, and tweak until its fit for purpose.
  3. PLAN AHEAD!This is one of the single most biggest pieces of advice I can offer you! Fast turnaround is possible on Roller Banners in most cases – but don’t leave it to chance. If you know you are doing a business presentation, trade show, networking event in advance, then plan your advertising and marketing space well in advance. This is quite often one of your biggest opportunities to be seen. Roller Banners stand out and they can be seen! If you are rushing for design then the chances are you might miss your route to market in the design. If you order it with 2 days to spare and need delivery, it will ALWAYS be your parcel that is delayed with
    Top 5 Tips for Roller Banner Impact
    Same Image Blown Up to Roller Banner size – now showing to be pixelated

    the couriers. Believe me, I’ve seen it time, and time again. We plan meticulously in business – to never let our clients down mainly. But we often forget ourselves and everything is done in the 11th hour. This is YOUR platform, use wisely.

  4. Advertising Space, Not an Essay! – This one is THE most crucial in my opinion. Yes, its loosely related to the above BUT a Roller Banner needs to be eye catching, highly visual, with bullet point information. So many people want to tell a written story on their banners, because they think they need to. No, People won’t read it. Too much text makes it unattractive, the Roller Banner is PART of your business story. If you have other things you want to say, then consider OTHER printed marketing materials for people to takeaway. Leaflets, Brochures, Postcards are all great and cost effective ways for you to consistently deliver your message.
  5. USE IT! You invest your time and money into working on the design, getting it printed. Don’t use it once and forget about it, leave it in the back of your car for years to come. Most businesses tend to have a one size fits all approach so they can be used in a variety of situations, such as business networking, trade shows, receptions, award shows, backdrops for events. If you want to generate business you need to always consider where and how you are using your advertising space.


Want More Help? 

For more information on our wide range of Roller Banners, and what suits your requirements, please get in touch with our Sales team today for assistance. Design element starts from as little as £40 ex VAT and our entry level Roller Banner print starts at £44 ex VAT.