Things To Consider With Your Wedding Invitations

Things to consider with your wedding invitations

So, you’ve said YES! And now you have the amazing job of planning a wedding and sorting out Wedding Invitations! (Amongst many other things!) I fully understand this myself, as I too, am going through this process for my own Wedding in January 2019. 

The point of me writing this post is to help all you newly engaged people take stock and think about what impact you want your wedding invitations to have. Lets be honest, this is one of the “jobs” on the list that is considered quite quickly once you get into the whole wedding planning process. If you are anything like I was initially, I was screen grabbing all kinds of images I’d seen online through fantastic sites such as Pinterest & Etsy. 

Ever heard that saying “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” It’s true, oh so relevant, it really is. If you nail this, you are setting the scene for your wedding day, giving your guests a little preview of whats coming. (and i don’t know about you, but I’ve found this really exciting to be doing)

So from a Bride to Be, I write this post, because I have the understanding of what is possible from a creative perspective (owning a printing company) and I’ve a very clear image of “how” my Wedding Day is going to look. 

What should you consider with your wedding invitations then? 

Do Your Research 

This is absolute in my opinion. You MUST start this process somewhere, and the smart phones at our finger tips help with this. Type in and find as many pictures and images as possible. Don’t pigeon hole for ONE second! Even if you don’t like something, but the wording is appealing, the colour is appealing, the font is appealing – keep a record of this. It will be a very handy resource when it comes to pulling it all together.

Use Your Colours 

Make it obvious. My entire theme for my wedding is Navy Blue & Silver, so I designed the wedding invites with this in mind. If like me, you’ve chosen (as I type this) a popular colour (Navy) you need to make this obvious to those you are sending them too. I’ll let you know how it goes, I’m testing it, but I’m sure this does work. It lets guests get a feel in advance for the colours they potentially should be avoiding in their outfits! 

Consult A Professional 

Even if you don’t end up using a specialist printing company to produce your Wedding Invitations, speak to someone who knows. Yes, the internet is a fantastic place, and there are lots of bespoke wedding stationers out there, but the lure of the Web 2 Print companies out there that allow you to design your own can often be appealing. I’ve seen so many friends go down this route, without speaking to me first. Printers (actual businesses who produce the print I mean) have experience you can’t buy. We know exactly what colours will work, the finishes required, if your ideas are going to be expensive, if there is a different alternative that will deliver the same result. 

You even may need to speak to a Graphic Designer to double up on this. Is what you want achieveable (believe me, after producing my own, I know ANYTHING is possible) but had I not of had the conversation with the design agency who did mine, I would of ended up with “What I wanted” but not “What was possible” My wedding invitations (and please email me if you would like a sample) were great, I had the concept, the colours, I knew how I wanted them to look, and then Sean of Kovic threw an idea at me that turned “Good” into “Raising the bar” 

Things to consider with your wedding invitations

Things to consider with your wedding invitations
     My finished bespoke die-cut wedding invitation


Think About What Else You Need 

In no particular order – Save The Date (gives you plenty of time to do the above) these can be ordered online, off the shelf, created in Canva (I did mine there, and printed here at the factory, and I’m no Graphic Designer) These were so different to my wedding invitiations, but I did tie elements of the overall Wedding theme into itThings to consider with your wedding invitations

Then theres things like Menus, Order of Services, Table Plans, Table Cards, Place Cards, Wedding Favour Holders, Thank You Cards – Will these tie in with your idea / concept for the wedding invitation? At the very least there should be some links and ties to the colours & font. 

You need to over order the quantities on all of the above and wedding invitations too – to allow for error. I must of wasted at least 10 of mine on typos! 

Allow Time & Money 

Nobody in this industry wants to get it wrong. Your Wedding Invitations are one of THE most important things you will ever create, therefore its important you allow time for these to be designed and produced. Also, budget accordingly, these things do cost money – and you want them to be right. Which is why consulting a professional printing company who has experience in this niche field is key. It’s also worth remembering the postage element! Stamps aren’t cheap these days! And its always something we come across when dealing with engaged couples, they don’t factor in say 130 first class stamps!

My Final Tip 

Proofing The Details 

I can’t express this enough. READ EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Don’t skim read, don’t be the only reader. Get someone you know (not the spouse to be) who isn’t directly involved to double and triple check the information. There is nothing worse than posting your beautiful invites out then seeing the error. Weddings cost a LOT of money these days, so having to pay for a reprint on Wedding Invitations and other Wedding Stationery is completely unnecessary and also avoidable IF you take the time to proof the details. 

Things to consider with your wedding invitations

As I said above, if you would like a sample of my own invitation, just to see what is possible, please just ask! I’ll be happy to send a sample. If you need to talk all things wedding stationery, then our experienced team will only be too happy to oblige if you get in touch! 

Congratulations <3 

Clair (Mrs Lewis to be)