Top 7 Apps to Help Market Your Business Online

Top 7 Apps To Market Your Business Online (1)

There are so many apps out there that are designed to help you market your business online today, but where does the small business owner even start?

  • Business idea – CHECK
  • Website – CHECK
  • Social Media Platforms – CHECK

But where & how do you then start the colossal task of creating content for your Social Media that allows you to stand out, direct people to your website, so that your business idea works, with limited skillset and outlay?

For a while now, I’ve been using so many different apps for building our online social media presence up – some I’ve been recommended, some I’ve seen competitors use, some I’ve researched. Some work for me, and a lot don’t. So today’s post is me offering some help to our clients and friends out there showcasing the APC top 7 apps to help market your business online.

But to be clear, you need to understand how my business works ……

We are a production house, we don’t just offer print management. We are a warts and all printing company and such, a lot of what we post is in the moment, and often very “rough around the edges” I spend a lot of my time on the road seeing clients, yet I manage to work on this all from my trusty iPhone 6S plus thanks to Whatsapp and a mixture of the below apps. So in terms of being able to market your business online, 2018 is a pretty easy place to do this from with a half decent phone, a few apps, and not very much “tech”

Each of these have free versions available for you to dip your toe in the water, and in most cases, the free version is enough!

Top 7 Apps To Market Your Business Online (1)

In no particular order:

1 – LAYOUT (from Instagram) – This is a super clean, professional looking photo collage app. It links seamlessly with Instagram – because they made it! It gives you 9 options for photo layout, you can play about with the image rotation and add borders if you want. With options to share directly to Instagram and Facebook – It could not be easier to use! In terms of other collage apps out there, and there are loads with more creative flow to them (ie text overlay, coloured backgrounds and borders) for me, this does exactly what it says on the tin without over complicating things.

2 – BOOMERANG (from Instagram) – Another app from the mighty Instagram – in essence it lets you create short looping video clips, which you can share directly to Instagram, Facebook, and with an in app option for inside Instagram. Seeing as GIF’s are all the rage at the moment, this is a must have for your business.

3 – SPLICE (from GoPro) – This is an absolute powerhouse of an app. Created by GoPro, this lets you make, edit and put together professional looking videos without the need for a desktop computer. With facilities such as trimming, adding in effects like slow motion, music, you can adjust the transitions within a few buttons. Believe me, I’m no editing wizard, but I’ve created a few funky videos for our social media which have seen some huge successes with the viewing count. The best bit though; it works with both videos captured on your phone & GoPro!

4 – HASHME (from Elephant Enterprises LLC) – Before you even get to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter with your image and its caption, you need to be inside this app. The technology is super clever, in that it scans your image for the relevant hashtags and then makes suggestions of even more! You can search for related hashtags for your keyword and then it will let you copy and paste these into any social channel so that you can get your photos out there and seen by all which will lift your brand up in front of your target audience. * Its something a lot of the big hitters use to become big hitters! *

5 – RIPL (from Ripl Inc) – Another super Video content creating app for on the go people! You literally need ZERO design or editing skills. With pre configured templates and fully customisable colours this can really add to your brand identity within a few scrolls and clicks. I use this app a LOT in our business, and only with the free version (so it leaves the Ripl watermark – no biggie to me) The tech behind the app lets you see the performance of the video too – which is just fantastic for allowing you to perfect your content for the biggest result! It lets you share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn with just one tap of the screen!

6 – SNAPSEED (from Google) – Ever wondered what a non adobe, mobile Photoshop looks like? Wonder no more! Snapseed is THE go to photo editor for mobile. It has a huge amount of variants that will let you completely transform an image. If you want to open JPEGS, great, but it also opens the RAW files too. One little segment in a post like this can’t do this app justice. But if you want to have eye catching images for social media, you need this app on your phone.

7 – BLUR EDITOR (from Sohel Ibna Saad) – In our line of work, we have to do a lot of “work for other printers” which means more often than not we can’t post close ups of the stuff we print. This app has allowed us to create “teasers” of what is on our print room floor, without compromising our trade customers. This is a clever app, that lets you partially blur an image and offers a couple of different types of blurring – such as tiling and pixelating.

There are oh so many apps out there for business – please leave your favourites in the comments below so i can check them out!

Clair (without an E!)