How Do You Get New Customers?

How Do You Get More Customers

It’s been absolutely AGES since we’ve had a guest post on the website, so I am delighted today to welcome a fantastic post from our friends over a Lollipop Local talking all about getting new customers

What’s the best way to get new customers for your business?

If you talk to a printer, Mrs Glossy Brochure will say that printed literature gets more eyes on the prize.

If you talk to a web designer, Mr WYSIWYG will assure you that if you build a website, they will come.

If you talk to a copywriter, Miss Clickyfingers will wax lyrical that improving your message will convert more people into customers.

And, if you talk to a marketer, Mr Sharktooth Necklace will tell you that online visibility relies on building backlinks and Pay Per Click advertising.

However, my own experience as both a digital marketer and consumer is different. There’s no clear winner. To get your solution/offer seen by the right people takes multiple touches. You need printer, web guy, copywriter and marketer…!

Here’s an example:

I am the busy Managing Director of a thriving agency. I work 12 hours a day on growing my business but when I get home I have to cook and clean and manage laundry. It can be exhausting.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

How Do You Get New Customers?

I was reminded of this as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the wooden floor in the hall one Saturday morning.

“I so need a cleaner!”

And, in good old Law of Attraction fashion, what should pop through the letter box and land on my head but a printed flyer advertising a local cleaner.

It was one of those ahhhhhh moments!

The flyer showed a picture of a sad looking woman just like me and another of the triumphant heroine who would take all this drudgery away. My rubber gloves and disinfectant would be magically replaced by sparkling worktops and a large pile of carefully folded ironing.

“They’re speaking to me, they know my pain and I want them to help me, NOW!”

But the reason I don’t have a cleaner is because I have been unable to find someone who will turn up on time, every time and leave my home looking smarter than if I had done it myself. No smudges on mirrors, no missed ceiling cobwebs or dusty skirting boards.

After lots of high hopes, there have been many disappointments.

What this bitter experience means is that I am not just going to call up a number on a random flyer.  Even if it lands on my head while I’m on my hands and knees cleaning!

I need proof of competence before I get in touch.

So, being a digital marketer, I explored the cleaning company’s website.

They seemed to say all the right things but… but there was a HUGE thing missing… testimonials.

Not one. Nada.

Warning bells start to go off in my head.

Next, I Googled the name of the company. Hoping to see if there were any reviews on their map listing or a local directory site.

Only one from some years ago… and it wasn’t very complimentary.

The cold rush of disappointment made my heart sink.

The flyer that had promised to fix my life was deposited in the recycling – along with all the other junk mail that had accompanied it through the door.

And it was back to my rubber gloves until a business colleague gave me the name of his cleaner.

Yes, in the 21st century, word of mouth recommendations score far more highly than a leaflet drop which is not supported by any social proof.

How Do You Get New Customers?

Popping up all over the place

Of course, you cannot rely on any old flyer backed up by some testimonials on your website. There’s more to it than that. For successful business marketing you need a joined-up approach. You must:

  • know who your ideal customer is and what pain they have that you can resolve;
  • identify what it is that is unique about your business and how you can help;
  • craft a marketing message that makes you the obvious choice of supplier;
  • make sure you pop up all over the place – use all the possible ways to put your solution/marketing message where your ideal customer can see it;
  • tick all the boxes to reassure this person that you are the right company for the job – on both your printed literature AND your online website and social media presence.

A thriving business will employ a mix of online and offline marketing which both sing from the same hymn sheet.

That’s how they connect with the best customers.

Don’t sell your business short.

Your printer, your web designer, your marketer and your copywriter all need to work together to create the best results for your business.


Guest post by

Jo Shaer, MD of Lollipop

A digital agency specialising in marketing for Fire & Security companies.