What is Affordable Printing?

What is Affordable Printing

What you get for “Affordable Printing”

Whilst I’ve titled this with the bulk of our company name, this is actually relevant to any business who offers Affordable Printing. IE. Print at a reasonable “affordable” price.

I want to set my stall now: We don’t compete with Vistaprint or any of the other “big” online printers, and quite frankly, we never will, and nor would we want to. Whilst they offer a good price led service to people, that’s pretty much all you get …. Price (in my humble opinion)

What is Affordable Printing

Thinking about what you get when you order Business Cards, Roller Banners, Leaflets, Pens, Notepads, Calendars and everything in between when you buy from a local Print Production business (and I emphasise “production”) I came up with the following 3 key areas

  • Experience & Expertise – most of the Printers out there who produce in-house have people like “Rob” there. Who have worked in the industry their entire working life, and at a glance will know “how” you bring your idea in your head onto paper – and exactly what paper it should be on for the best price AND quality finish.
  • Guidance – “Most” people don’t know the difference between RGB, CMYK & Pantone, and nor should they! Print can be a little technical at times – so having the backing of a solid Print Production company also means we have a full design and reprographics studio who thoroughly check your artwork (unlike the online greats where you are uploading and proofing your own work, blindly most of the time) If it’s wrong we advise how to correct it if you have taken care of the design yourself, or if we’ve done it in house, you don’t even need to worry about it!
  • Support – for when things go wrong! Let’s face it, sometimes things do go wrong – but knowing you have personal relationships (that’s where people like me come into it) We work together to get it sorted. Be it a lost parcel in transit, Artwork Approved with a spelling mistake, realising you needed a bigger quantity. Whatever it is, using a company locally who produce in house means quite simply this. YOU ARE NOT JUST AN ORDER NUMBER – And for me, that means everything.

We don’t work on the basis of stack it high, sell it low. We work on relationships that far surpass a price led product. Affordable Printing, doesn’t mean “Cheap” but neither does it mean “Expensive”

But when you look for Affordable Printing, you are paying for so much more than just your Business Cards.