Artwork Guides

Print Artwork Guidelines

All print files / Artwork MUST be supplied with 3mm bleed to ALL edges and ALL fonts MUST be embedded.

What is print bleed?


Bleed should be applied when producing print ready files. You should always bleed any image or colour off of the border by approximately 3mm all round.

This is highlighted on the image below, outside of the red trim line. If the border is just white, then there is no need for print bleed to be added to the file.

As a general rule of thumb, any text or logo should NOT be any closer than 3mm to the trim line to improve the overall look of your printed item.

What is Font Embedding?

When making your final file to send to us, you  need to ensure that all fonts are embedded (this will make sure that we can print from the file with no font issues) In some cases they maybe saved as outlines or curves (this removes the fonts and then saves them as vectored shapes)

Always check your file before sending over to make sure it views as you expect it too.

Large Format Artwork Guidelines

When supplying your artwork you need to consider the following information:

Artwork must be supplied where possible as a Hi Res PDF – we also accept Illustrator (AI) Photoshop TIFF (flattened) and EPS files.

Artwork is sent to us via our artwork upload facility WeTransfer as you can send larger file types instantly via this method, as sometimes restrictions on email size prevents them from delivering to us.

When uploading your artwork it is imperative that you include your order reference number in the message field, or at the very least your company name and contact number.

Information relating to print ready artwork:
Print ready artwork should ideally be supplied at 1/4 of the final size of the banner you are ordering. I.E – if you are ordering a banner that is 3000mm x 1000mm (3 metres by 1 metre) then the artwork needs to be prepared to the size of 750mm x 250mm, with a resolution of 300dpi as standard. The artwork should preferably be sent as a hi res PDF with a 5mm print bleed to all edges and crop marks.

If you are ordering multiple banners, then please ensure you differentiate the banners in the file names.

All fonts MUST be embedded or converted to outlines, you must check this carefully as this can / may result in your banner NOT being printed correctly.

Microsoft files are NOT acceptable file types – and that includes MS Word, Publisher, Excel or Powerpoint, however these file types can be used as a reference for creating the finalised artwork from, but this would incur an additional artwork charge of £20.

Should you have any questions relating to artwork upload and file types then please contact us

File Types We Accept:
PDF – Hi Res
EPS (CS4 and below)
AI (CS4 and below)
TIFF (flattened)

Artwork must be supplied with the following:
5mm print bleed to all edges
With crop marks
Each artwork as a separate file
Each file name must include the finished dimensions (eg 3m x 1m item description.pdf)
At least 300dpi and 25% scale (for artwork containing raster based images)
With the correct height/width restrictions
In CMYK colour format
Any images must be embedded
With fonts embedded for PDF or converted to outlines for EPS / AI files

File Types We DO NOT Accept:
INDD – Adobe In Design
QXP – Quark Express
CDR – Corel Draw
PSD – Adobe Photoshop
SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics
DOC/DOCX – Microsoft Word
XLS/XLSX – Microsoft Excel
PPT/PPTX – Microsoft Powerpoint
PUB – Microsoft Publisher

Without 5mm bleed
Without cropmarks
With multiple artworks on one page
At the wrong height / width proportions
In RGB colour mode

With missing links or images which aren’t embedded Without fonts embedded or converted to outlines

Important Notes To Consider
If you include pantone colours in your artwork you must notify us what they are, otherwise they will be automatically converted to CMYK. We are able to match some pantone colours, but we MUST have notification at the point of ordering.
We can’t guarantee accurate replication of all pantone colours.
Any artwork supplied less than 300dpi or less than 25% scaled can still be printed, although the end result may be less than satisfactory.
If you require hems and eyelets, you must allow AT LEAST 40mm space from the artwork edge – this is to ensure that any text / images are not cropped or overlapping. DO NOT SEND ARTWORK VIA EMAIL, PLEASE USE OUR WETRANSFER SERVICE TO ENSURE SWIFT DELIVERY OF YOUR FILES TO US.

Artwork Templates - Roller Banners

850mm × 2150mm Roller Banner
1000mm × 2150mm Roller Banner
1500mm × 2150mm Roller Banner
2000mm × 2150mm Roller Banner
2000mm × 3150mm Roller Banner
850mm × 2150mm Roller Banner (Double-Sided)
1000mm × 2150mm Roller Banner (Double-Sided)
1500mm × 2260mm Roller Banner
2000mm × 2260mm Roller Banner
850mm × 2175mm Roller Banner (Double-Sided)
297mm × 440mm Roller Banner

Artwork Templates - Outdoor Banners

Blizzard   PDF
Event Duo   PDF
Mistral   PDF
Monsoon (Medium)   PDF
Monsoon (Large)   PDF
Wind Dancer (Medium)   PDF
Wind Dancer (Large)   PDF
Stowaway (Small)   PDF
Stowaway (Medium)   PDF
Stowaway (Large)   PDF
Tornado Header   PDF
Tornado Base   PDF
Hurricane   PDF

Artwork Templates - Exhibition & Indoor

Xscape (Small)   PDF
Xscape (Medium)   PDF
Xscape (Large)   PDF
Counta Header   PDF
Counta Base   PDF
Pop-Up Counter (2×1)   PDF
Pop-Up Counter (2×2)   PDF
Pop-Up Tower (3 Quad)   PDF
Pop-Up Tower (4 Quad)   PDF
Curved Single-Sided 1×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Single-Sided 2×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Single-Sided 3×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Single-Sided 4×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Single-Sided 5×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Double-Sided 1×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Double-Sided 2×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Double-Sided 3×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Double-Sided 4×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Curved Double-Sided 5×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Single-Sided 1×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Single-Sided 2×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Single-Sided 3×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Single-Sided 4×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Single-Sided 5×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Double-Sided 1×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Double-Sided 2×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Double-Sided 3×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Double-Sided 4×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Straight Double-Sided 5×3 Pop-Up   PDF
Torque (Single-Sided) (2400mm × 2400mm)   PDF
Torque (Double-Sided) (2400mm × 2400mm)   PDF
2×3 Impact Hop-Up   PDF
3×3 Impact Hop-Up   PDF
4×3 Impact Hop-Up   PDF
5×3 Impact Hop-Up   PDF
Pop-Up Carry Case Graphic   PDF

Artwork Templates - Flags

Crest Flag (Small)   PDF
Crest Flag (Medium)   PDF
Crest Flag (Large)   PDF
Crest Flag (Extra Large)   PDF
Feather Flag (Small)   PDF
Feather Flag (Medium)   PDF
Feather Flag (Large)   PDF
Feather Flag (Extra Large)   PDF
Teardrop Flag (Small)   PDF
Teardrop Flag (Medium)   PDF
Teadrop Flag (Large)   PDF
Teadrop Flag (Extra Large)   PDF

If you need any further help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01268 413720  or email and one of our team will be happy to help you.